Frequently Asked Questions
What is GrapeVine?
GrapeVine is a web-based platform consisting of a mobile app, weekly email, and website that connects individuals to personalized recommendations for experiences and events in their local Jewish community.
At the same time, GrapeVine helps local and national agencies learn about their constituencies in a way that helps them to make data-driven decisions, as well as expand their reach.
What are the benefits?
With so many opportunities out there, GrapeVine helps you filter through the options to find the right thing for you. Users are able to access GrapeVine to connect to programs and experiences in the community that meet their interests, needs, and life stage. Whether it is a Tot Shabbat playgroup, an article on the benefits of Jewish camp, or a study group on the environment and Judaism, there is a way for everyone to connect with their Jewish world. It is GrapeVine’s goal to help them find their path.
How does GrapeVine know what to recommend?
Through an algorithm similar to the ones used by Pandora and Netflix, GrapeVine learns about you from your profile and from your interactions with the website and mobile app, and matches you with opportunities in your area. These matches are made based on the things you tell us about in your profile, including things you’re interested in, where you’re at in your life, and even organizations that you do and don’t want to hear from. In addition, as you interact with GrapeVine we learn more! When you view events on GrapeVine, you’ll see a heart or an X and you can tell us what you like and don’t like.

The best way for GrapeVine to send you the right recommendations is to fill out your profile. Enter your neighborhood, interests, age, and life stage, and watch as GrapeVine does the rest!
How do I sign up?
Click here and all you need to provide is your email address and zip code (although any other information will help us give you better recommendations!).
I got an email from GrapeVine without signing up. How did GrapeVine get my email?
GrapeVine is a community project, and as such, all our partner organizations use GrapeVine to learn more about the community and its members. In addition, organizations want to give each person on their mailing list the opportunity to benefit from GrapeVine and learn about other opportunities for community programming.GrapeVine partners put portions of their mailing lists into the system and use GrapeVine as a service provider to help them gain insights into their constituents while also sharing the larger Jewish community with them.
What are GrapeVine’s privacy policies?
GrapeVine has rigorous privacy policies designed to protect user and organization information, all located in our Privacy Policy. In addition, the use, warranties and limitations of this software is governed by our Terms of Use.
I’m a local organization. How do I get my programs on GrapeVine?
We always love having new partners! As GrapeVine is a community initiative, organizations who want to post their programs must first become partners.Email us or check out our About Us page to contact the GrapeVine Director in your city and learn how to become a partner. If you’re a national organization or publication, we’d also love to talk to you about how we can partner! Email our national office and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!
How do I bring GrapeVine to my community?
GrapeVine is currently available in Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York City, Portland, OR, and Marin County, CA. If you are interested in bringing GrapeVine to your community, let us know!

In general, we work with a major local organization, a group of organizations and/or a funder to bring GrapeVine to a community. Since we are completely grant and foundation funded, we rely on strong local partnership to make a community project like this happen! We are always happy to share more information about GrapeVine with professionals in the community, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and someone will return your email with more information!
I don’t want to get emails from GrapeVine anymore but want to keep my log in. How do I do that?
In your profile, you can select if you want to receive emails from us. Select the option that’s right for you!
I want to close my GrapeVine account. How do I do that?
We hope you will find GrapeVine to be a useful tool for connecting to meaningful Jewish experiences in your city, however if you would like to unsubscribe from GrapeVine, please email us at
I’m having trouble with my account. Who can help me?
Email us and one of our team members will help you as soon as they can!